The Sydney University Medical Science Society (SUMSS) is an established community of over 500 members, with the majority of whom are pursuing a career in medicine, medical research, and other allied health fields. All sponsorship funding would be directed towards the daily operations of the society, allowing us to achieve our purpose - to provide a wide range of opportunities to guide the members through the degree and after the members graduate.

The society greatly appreciates the support of our sponsor organisations. All sponsorship funds from sponsorship organisations are directed towards the daily operations of the society, allowing us to achieve our purpose as a society.






Sponsoring us would provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to promote your name and brand to not only the society population but also the university population by the means of social media and events.

  • The exposure to your key target market, such as students pursuing a career in the medical field and other allied health fields.

  • The alignment of your organisation with a faculty endorsed society that would highlight your commitment to the educational development of future medical professionals.






GradReady GAMSAT Preparation was founded by a group of doctors from the University of Melbourne on the belief that ‘there has to be a better way’. Our engagement-focused and personalised approach has helped over 6000 students across 8 years, with proven student results – An average improvement of 20+ Percentile Points across the last 5 years.

Using our experience in education and IT and leveraging the expertise of former lectures at University of Western Australia and University of Otago, we’ve developed our own proprietary online learning systems to provide an industry-leading syllabus and focused approach to preparing for the GAMSAT Exam.

The GradReady tuition team consists of successful current medical students, former university level lecturers and PhD candidates, with some of our GAMSAT tutors being a combination of 2 or even 3 of these. In addition, all tutors have had extensive teaching experience, and were hand-picked for their engaging teaching style and superb ability to explain difficult concepts.

We offer the most comprehensive set of free GAMSAT resources available, including detailed study guides for each topic and even a free trial to test our online LMS for yourself.

Visit our website to learn more about how our philosophy allows us to achieve these results for our students year after year.  



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Gold Standard has been publishing GAMSAT books (available at your local uni bookshop) and teaching GAMSAT courses across Australia since 2010. Our 8-year experience in providing GAMSAT preparation courses has helped us develop a targeted approach that addresses those areas where students, with science and non-science backgrounds, require significant help.


5000+ Practice Questions with Helpful Worked Solutions • 15 GAMSAT Practice Tests • 300+ Videos • 60+ hours of Live Courses • 16 Essays Corrected • 4 Textbooks • Flashcards • MP3s • Apps


Enrol now in our 8-day problem based, interactive GAMSAT Sydney courses. You may test the quality of our materials here: Free GAMSAT Practice Test or subscribe to Gold Standard GAMSAT on Youtube channel to access the complete Section 3 worked solutions of all of Acer's practice booklet.



Fraser's GAMSAT Tuition was found in 2010 with a mission to provide personalised GAMSAT tutoring.


Focusing on in-person teaching first with the best tutors.

Aiming to become long term mentors for our students. 

Our success speaks for itself with an average GAMSAT score of 70 in March 2017.


We offer all of this for the lowest cost per hour.

We offer real value with the best free content available. 

We hope you enjoy our content for free or as one of our students. Join the Fraser's Family today!




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